Brain-Friendly Change Learning & Mentoring Series

FULLY BOOKED June 2022 Dates. Thrive: Learn to Weather Any Storm (PJD/01)

This short interactive course offers a combination of live training sessions, on-line learning, group discussion and one-to-one mentoring as part of a 'blended' learning journey. Places are limited to 15 registrants

Live Virtual Workshops: June 30th (1-2pm) & July 8th 2022 (1-2pm)
Self-Guided On-line Learning: June 30th –July 8th 2022 (4 hrs)
One-to-one Coaching Session: To be scheduled between June 30th–July 8th 2022 (45 mins)

Our human system is a fantastic and complex system yet it can’t evolve fast enough to keep pace with our modern-day speed of change. That said, we all have at our disposal the potential to use the resources that are available in a much better way.

Participants will learn how to use our brain, mind and body resources to best effect in order to build resilience perform better, stay well and thrive in rapidly changing times.

The course is delivered by Minerva’s founder Deborah Hulme and Jennie Flower, each of whom bring a balance of science-led theory plus practical application and experience.

Course Outcomes:
• Develop brain-friendly techniques for managing self through rapid and continuous change
• Understand the importance of brain, mind and body integration for greater resilience and wellbeing
• Understand why social connection is essential to our health and wellbeing
• Learn tools and techniques for improving brain, mind and body health
• Learn how to develop the skills that help us thrive no matter what life throws our way
• Identify and commit to new and achievable healthy habits tailored to boost your personal wellbeing and resilience during change
  • Welcome and Context
  • Video: Navigating the Portal (6.07mins)
  • Audio: Welcome to your Learning Journey (1.27mins)
  • Learning Objectives Thrive (1min)
  • Reading: Course Completion and Certification (1min)
  • Caring for the whole self 19d
  • Welcome to Caring for the Whole Self (1min)
  • Module Learning: The Whole Self (14.02mins)
  • Reading: The Whole Self Presentation Summary Notes (3.30mins)
  • Video:The Most Important Lesson from 83,000 Brain Scans: Dr D. Amen (14.36mins)
  • Reading: Healthy Habits Checklist (3mins)
  • Video: Why Do we Sleep? Russell Foster (21.46mins)
  • Reading: The War on Sitting - Reference Article (4mins)
  • Video: How to Live to be 100: Dan Buettner (22.11mins)
  • Reflection: Sleep, Eat Well & Exercise Reflection Cards
  • Reflection Point
  • Understand our Internal Communication System 38d
  • Welcome to Our Internal Communication System (1min)
  • Module Learning: The Internal Communication System (16.41mins)
  • Reading: Our Internal Communication System Presentation Summary Notes (4mins)
  • Video: The Vagus Nerve: Dacher Keltner (6.16mins)
  • Reading: Understanding Vagal Tone (2.30mins)
  • Video: What is Polyvagal Theory? Dr Stephen Porges (4.11mins)
  • Video: The Polyvagal Theory: The New Science of Safety and Trauma (28.09mins)
  • Reading: Survivors are Blamed Because they Don't Fight (3mins)
  • Reflection Point
  • Work to our strengths and with flow 57d
  • Welcome to Work to our Strengths and With Flow (1min)
  • Podcast: Work to our Strengths (4.43mins)
  • Work to Our Strengths Podcast Summary Notes (1min)
  • Self-Assessment: VIA Institute (7mins)
  • Video: Focus on Strengths (11.37mins)
  • Reflection Point
  • Podcast: The Role of Flow (4.32mins)
  • Reading: The Role of Flow Podcast Summary Notes (1.30mins)
  • Video: Understand Flow (18.55mins)
  • Reflection Point
  • End of course AND feedback 76d
  • Final Assessment: End of Course Q&A
  • Feedback: Satisfaction Survey
  • Glossary
  • References
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Final Assessment: End of Course Q&A"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever