Growth Mindset & Personal Development

Here you will find a collection of reference materials and models, curated to equip you with additional knowledge as you navigate mindset and learn more about Growth Mindset and what it means in practice.

The materials provided support the planned workshop with content designed to enhance understanding regarding Growth and Fixed Mindset. The key documents to reference ahead of the workshop are the pre-work materials and the slide deck found in the first main section below. At the bottom of the page you will see a Files section where slides and PDF documents can be downloaded, for on-going reference.
  • Questions & Discussion topics
  • Discussion Board
  • module one pre work and slide deck
  • TED Talk: Carol Dweck, The Power of Believing You Can Improve
  • Slide Deck Learning Module One
  • module one supporting materials
  • LM1. ANT Therapy Managing Negative Thoughts
  • LM1. Neuroplasticity Prompt Sheet
  • LM1. The IF THEN Framework Prompt Sheet
  • LM1. Neuroplasticity: The Backwards Bicycle (7mins)
  • Additional 'How Brain Works' Videos
  • 1. The Two Thinking Processes (7.40mins)
  • 2. The Blue Brain (10.24mins)
  • 3. The Yellow Brain (16.54mins)
  • module two slide deck
  • Slide Deck Learning Module Two
  • module two supporting materials
  • LM2. Pick 3 for Behaviour Change Prompt Sheet
  • LM2. Growth Mindset Prompt Sheet
Completion rules
  • You must complete 10.00% of the content